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Feel the magic: Research and master dozens of spells, conjure powerful enchantments and discover awesome spell combinations. Ready an army: Command an expansive range of units, all with unique abilities. Choose your strategy: There are various ways to achieve victory: by military, diplomatic or even magical means. Fight your enemies: Engage in epic battles with large armies marching across the landscape. Command the game: Enjoy an innovative city management system, where there are no routine actions, and every decision counts! Have faith: Fight on the side of one of the eight gods. Complete their quests and spread their temples across the lands or become one yourself! Follow the traditions: Warlock – Master of the Arcane inherits all the best elements of the famous turn based strategies of old.
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Developer(s)1C:Ino-Co Plus
Publisher(s)Paradox Interactive
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LanguageGerman, English, French, Spanish, Russian