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A gift card levels up the whole Twitch experience. Support your favorite streamers, unlock special perks, and more.

What can I buy with the Twitch gift card?
Once you redeem your Twitch gift card, you can purchase Bits, gift subscriptions to your favorite communities or community members, subscriptions for yourself to your favorite Twitch channel, or Turbo.
Can I purchase Twitch Merchandise with my Twitch gift card?
No. Twitch Merchandise is available on the Twitch Store on Currently your Gift Card Balance is available to use only on as per their gift card legal policy.
Can I use my Twitch Gift Card Balance to purchase a Twitch Prime subscription?
A Twitch Prime subscription is available as a benefit to Amazon Prime customers who link their Amazon Prime account with their Twitch account. Therefore, you will not be able to purchase it using your Gift Card Balance. If you are a Twitch Prime customer, you automatically have this benefit.